Webdesigner, PHP programmer, Front-end developer.

About Me

Hello, my name is Martin and I'm Smasty on the Internet. I'm a student/webdesigner, I'm nineteen and I live in Slovakia.

I'm a front-end developer, PHP programmer and webdesigner. I use HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery for the visible part, and object-oriented PHP or the Drupal platform as a back-end. I can also create a simple design for you. Feel free to send me a message.



Portfolio Some sites I worked on

Preview of AkSen o.z.

AkSen o.z.

Association for active seniors in Slovakia.

Front-end developer, Drupal theme.

Preview of PEMAT s.r.o.

PEMAT s.r.o.

E-shop with cleaning equipment.

Front-end developer.

Preview of Ná


E-shop offering various products.

Front-end developer.

Preview of Z Otrokoviec, SK

Z Otrokoviec, SK

British Shorthair Cattery.

Design, Front-end developer, WordPress theme implementation.

Open-Source Code I've released

Neevo DBAL

Tiny but powerful database abstraction layer for PHP applications.


World's third shortest wiki system implementation. 289 chars of PHP and Bash.


A visual Nette Framework component for rendering tweets on your site.


Very simple URL-shortener for PHP and SQLite. Only 64 lines of source code.

My other open-source projects can be found in my GitHub repo.


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